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We love Age of Empires

because good games are never forgotten

A community for AoE and AoM fans
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Recently I was browsing Livejournal looking for communities that might interest me, and I wondered: How come there are dozens of communities where you can have your picture rated, mock bad fanfiction or discuss the sexual exploits of your Sims, but not a single one devoted to the wonderful series of games that is called Age of Empires? This must be rectified!

So here you have it, a community dedicated to the Age of Empires games. Finally Livejournal has a place where you can discuss anything and everything relating to the following games:

Age of Empires (including the expansion Rise of Rome)
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (including the expansion The Conquerors)
Age of Mythology (including the expansion The Titans)
Age of Empires III

Feel free to drop in and say hi any time! The community is open for everyone and the only rule we have at the moment is: Be nice and (reasonably) on topic. :)

-deceptica (maintainer)