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thecommander315 in ageofempires

I'm in, suckas

The name's TheCommander315. Or TC315. Commander. CDR_Idiot (as per my ESO name). Whatever!
My AOE history goes back to the time when I was about 10 or 11 and played Age of Kings for a bit. I never really got to play it much anymore (ESRB, I curse thee), but I got back to it after turning 14. Then I got AOE3 and joined ESO and the rest is history.

Fave civs: 
Spanish, Germans (3)
Byzantines, Chinese (2)

PS: I'm not sure if it's against LJ policies or anything (you can edit my post anyway, I'm assuming), but I modded the Language.dll file in the AOE2 folder to be a bit wittier. You know the drill if you want it.


Hey there and welcome to the community! Unfortunately it tends to be pretty quiet... but I think that has more to do with the kind of people who use Livejournal than with (lack of) popularity of the game. Have to admit that I haven't played it in quite a while myself...

FYI, I can't edit other people's posts, I can only delete them if they are really bad, but there's nothing wrong with modding! I think I only ever deleted a post that was asking about illegal copies of the game - not that I'm personally judging anyone, but that's something that can get people in trouble here.

Anyway... hi!
Er, scratch that comment about the only post I ever deleted, I just saw that I left that one up because it was phrased as a fairly innocent question and answered appropriately. But yes, if anyone actually posted a link to illegal downloads or anything that would have to go. The one thing I did delete before was a post by a troll who spammed the same gibberish in a dozen different communities, but I doubt anyone even noticed that...

Just as a side note.
I didn't notice anything. Hi CDR_Idiot!