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super_brusay in ageofempires

super_brusay's Pimptastic Portugeuse Plot to Pwn Poopy Players!

I like to set up Home base 1 around as many trading posts as possible, walling in the city, and have the settlers on various tasks.

Let's say: Four wood, Four gold, Four hunt, Four herdables.

If I run out of all possible places to gather in the main colony, I would have some Settlers go out, find a reasonable place to set up shop, wall it off, and Gather from there. Excess Settlers can work on Mills and Plantations along with Jobless ones at Home Base 1.

After that, it's all about switching the Trading Posts to what resources you need.

I like to, if I have all on the map, put one on each resource, and if there are more than Four, Switch those to the resource I need the most. That way, I have an unending source of Food, Wood, Coin, and Experience. I would suggest putting an Outpost and 10 troops around each one for extra protection of your infinite flow of stuff.

Also, when walling off the colony, I suggest putting up as many Outposts as you can, and get some use out of the Market if need be.

But that's just me.

Sorry for the Extreme alliteration. I couldn't help it.
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Haha, go Portuguese. Their free Town Centers help with booming quite a bit. Do you play on ES Online? I'm not really that good but I'm looking for people to play with anyway, heh.
no, i don't really play it that often, seeing how my brother usually has it on, beatin' the crap outta people with either the French or Iro's.

WarChiefs is ah-may-ziyng, by the way.