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Splinter Cell

kinofsimon in ageofempires

Odd occurrences...

Have any odd stories about your AOE experience? (both in game and out of game, of course, though I doubt there's much in the latter)

Well, I was playing the 2nd Barbarossa mission (where you attack Poland and Henry turns on you). Well, so I'm fighting the poles, while holding off Henry's attacks, then out of nowhere, the game tells me "Henry the Lion defeated"

And I'm like, 'wtf?' as I had been on the defensive entirely, except with sending rams against the Polish castles and siege workshops

It turns out the designers, for this particular level, didn't have the Poles or Henry ally once you had to fight them both, because as it happens in most other levels, your enemies are all alied

Well, seems the poles sent their forces in, rams, mangonels, huskarls and all, and destroyed Henry. Nice play guys. You should've allied with him when you had the chance, suckers.

A few minutes later, I destroyed their last castle and siege workshop. Level finished in 35 minutes. Weird weird weird.

So. Any odd stories from your game experiences?


i was playing a regular game on AOE3 where i was allied to one team and against 3 teams. whoever i was allied with didnt have a big military at all, but within 15 mins of play, one of the enemies was defeated. i know my ally didnt attack them, so i have no idea what happen.

also, nothing to do with playing really, but sometimes AOE3 doesnt load correctly and instead of seeing the map and my buildings and people, i just see a lot of patches of colour and lines. but it fixes itself. so i guess my computers just slow sometimes.