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Splinter Cell

kinofsimon in ageofempires

So anyway...

I just beat the Attila campaign without cheating. I find it kinda sad that I never attempted most of these missions all these years without cheating, because damn they're easy.

I expected the last mission to be hard ,and to at least conform to what the hints said. Not once did any of the allied cities send forces against me when I was attacking one of it's buddies. Something else I find strange is the 2nd Genghis campaign, in which the Kara-Khitai send a whole buncha guys at you, even on standard, yet playing missions that are supposed to be hard turn out to be quite easy (the last three Attila missions, Genghis in china, etc). Comments?

Also, anyone else think they should've added the Slavs as a civilization in AOE2? Would've helped in the Barbarossa and Genghis campaign, and would've made for some good 'battles of the conquerors' missions in the expansion, with, say...Alexander Nevsky (battle at lake peipus). Thoughts?