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scenicworld in ageofempires

Age of Empires III graphics card!

I purchased Age of Empires III a long while ago, I haven't played it because i need a video card the problem is i don't know what kind of graphics card i should get. I don't really know a lot about video cards, please tell which ones i should get!


Anything like a Geforce 6600 up would do the trick. You just need to be careful which one you get as you can get graphics cards that plug into an AGP slot or a PCI-Express slot.
If you do an image search in google for "AGP" and "PCI-E" you should get some good pictures you can use to check visually which slot you have, and then buy the appropriate card and stick it in and away you go.
Just avoid the cards like the Geforce 6200/7300 and the ATi equivelents. The first number represents the generation, and the last 3 where in the range the card fits. So a Geforce 7300 is less good for gaming than a Geforce 6600, because it's not meant as a card for gamers.
o thank you thanks!