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Splinter Cell

kinofsimon in ageofempires

Oh sweeeet

Ok. So my story with AOE is that when I got AOE2 and the expansion seven years ago, I cheated. A lot. I didn't stop until I played Galactic Battlegrounds (AOE's bastard brother) a few years ago, in which I gave the finger to it's campaigns, but did relatively well on the standard maps.

Well, now that I got a new computer this last summer, I've been playing AOE2 without cheats so as to redeem myself. And you know what? It's fun. So far, I've gone through 5/6 of Attila w/o cheats, 4/6 of El Cid's, 3/6 of Genghis', and I completed Joan's campaign!

It may not seem like much, but actually doing all that much cheat free, after 7 years...it's kinda cool.

Yah. Just felt like sharing that.


I always found that cheats make any game kind of boring. It's ok if you just want to go all-out crazy for once or beat that level you just never managed to finish, but it gets old really quick. I need the sense of accomplishment that comes with earning everything yourself.
I know how you feel.

These days, the only cheat I use is the Map revealer, and thats it.