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kinofsimon in ageofempires

oh dear lord...

you ever want to kill time, and so you go and play a standard game on any of the AOE games, or AOM?

Well, I did last night. I had never played any of the custom game scenarios that game with conquerors (go figure, I've had it for 7 years), so I decided to play sherwood forest death match post-imp. so I'm thinking 'well, this should be fun.' so I'm mongols, I got huns and turks as allies, with byzantines, franks, celts, and goths as enemies (allied), with the chinese by themselves.

so it's standard, the CPs make their walls and castles, etc, but then the quadruple alliance (except for franks, they were bordering with the chinese and were fighting them) pounds on the huns. so I go in with my 40 manguadi, fend off the enemy...

well, an hour game turned to 3 hours, eventually ending at 8 hours. as crazy enough as that was, it was really weird too. the chinese destroyed the franks, then sent their army against mine inside the hun fortress. kicked their ass, destroyed their army, then they quit. they weren't even invaded...at least, not that I know of. the byzantines might have sent troops in, but the enemy is stupid and just gets slaughtered by towers.

anyway, the final score was 183k something for me, with around 11,000 kills. I was surprised enough after taking a break at 3 hours and getting 5,000 kills. there was just so much death. the enemy peasants kept getting mowed down, they kept sending troops, they were mowed down...just, so much death.

anyway, so yah. has that happened to anyone, where a standard game takes way longer than expected?
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A game that takes less than 3 hours is not standard :P
lol. how long are the standard games that you play? what are the settings you usually play? usually for me it's around 1.5-3 hrs, on the standard difficulty. course, I also play deathmatch, post imp, so everything else goes by a lot quicker...
Well, one particular game took 4 hours+ (I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly how long, it didn't finish until stupidly late). I may have lost in the end, but it is kind of embarrassing how long it took nemi_darke, Hobben and Deceptica to beat me. The second such game was over somewhat more quickly though...

Plus we always start in the Dark Age, personally I think the tech-race is part of the fun of the game.
oh, you guys play against each other starting from the dark age, gotcha. that's why it takes so long then, ok
once i was playing aoe2, forgot what team, but i had this huge army that i sent to go take out the nearest enemy. well after i sent them out i went about to replenishing them because i figured a few would die. a couple of minutes went by and i checked out the scenario. the enemy had this huge line of monks and elephants and either converted or killed all but 20 or so of my people. that game took forever to finish.
oh my god. elephants are crazy. the main bulk of your forces then becomes pikemen and camels.
I remember an AoM game that took all day for me. I forget which civ I was playing (probably Atlanteans), but I remember it was 4 civs with one of each, and none allied. None of us could get a foothold on resources. (This was probably due to everyone having a few armies out killing all gatherers seen.) It was only because I decided to just blitzkreig on mowing down the forests and using the Market to trade resources to finally build up enough of an army to beat up one of my enemies. Once that was done, I finally got an army to beat the other two up in 15 minutes.
I played this one game where it was Team Islands, Lock Teams. AoE2.

I was the Teutons, and my Ally was the Turkish people. We were facing the Spanish and Persians.

In all, the game itself took, I would say, 10 hours.

I wiped 'em both out.